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Southern Connector FAQ's
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How long is the Southern Connector?
The road is approximately 16 miles in length.

Is the Connector a privately owned road?
No. The Southern Connector is officially designated as Interstate 185 Toll. The road was privately financed, but it is not privately owned. The state of South Carolina Department of Transportation owns and maintains the Southern Connector. The tolls collected on the Connector will go to satisfy the bonds, which financed the road. The tolls also pay SCDOT for all road maintenance, including snow removal and grass cutting.

Are South Carolina taxpayers supporting the Southern Connector?
No tax dollars were spent building the Southern Connector. It was financed solely through the sale of bonds. Tolls collected on the Southern Connector are used to maintain the road and satisfy the bond obligations. The state of South Carolina Department of Transportation owns and maintains the Southern Connector. All maintenance costs are paid out of toll revenues. No tax dollars have ever been spent on this project.

How much time will I save by using the Southern Connector?
The amount of time you save will depend on when you use the Connector. During morning and evening rush hours, the time savings may be more substantial.

Why do I have to pay tolls twice if I use the entire road? Why not pay at one end only?
The Southern Connector was designed with three exits between the main toll plaza. Those using the entire road are charged the full amount, which means paying two tolls. It would be unfair to charge full toll to a motorist who only wanted to get on the Connector at the East Plaza and exit the Connector at Augusta Road. We believe the current collection method is the most equitable way to collect tolls based on road usage.

I recently used the Connector and had no cash to pay my toll. I filled out a Pledge To Pay Form. Can I fulfill my obligation to pay the proper toll online?
Yes, please visit our online Pledge Payment System and you will be able to use your credit card to satisfy your obligation. Or return your portion of the form to us with a check or money order (no cash, please). Our mailing address is P.O. Box 408, Piedmont, SC 29673. In all cases, you will have 30 days to remit payment to us. After 30 days, administrative fees will be added to the toll due.

What is the speed limit on the Connector?
The speed limit on portions of the Southern Connector is now 70 miles per hour. PLEASE NOTE that the 70 mph speed limit is in effect ONLY for the distance BETWEEN OUR TWO MAINLINE TOLL PLAZAS.

What is the speed limit in PalPass lanes?
At the mainline toll plazas, vehicles using the PalPass only lane must observe a 45 MPH speed limit. All vehicles using the cash lanes must stop, regardless of the method of payment. PalPass members using our remote ramp lanes should observe the 5 MPH speed limit.

Does the Southern Connector accept money orders, checks, Travelers Checks, credit cards or debit cards for payment of cash tolls?
The Southern Connector does accept credit cards for payment of tolls at our mainline plazas ONLY. Credit Cards accepted are AMEX, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Debit cards bearing the logo of AMEX, Visa, Discover or MasterCard will also be accepted, but as CREDIT transactions only. Any debit card requiring a PIN number will not be accepted as a form of payment.

● Checks, money orders, Travelers Checks, etc. ARE NOT accepted for payment of tolls.

● At (Highway 20 and Fork Shoals Road) EXACT CHANGE in the form of COINS ONLY or valid Palmetto Pass is required.

● Credit cards cannot be used at our ramps.

Is there a number I can call if I have any more questions?
Yes. The direct local number to our Customer Service Center is 864-527-2143 or 2144.


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