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Pal Pass FAQ's

What is a Palmetto Pass (Pal Pass)?
A Pal Pass is an electronic toll collection device (also known as a transponder, pass, or tag) that lets you pre-pay your tolls. A Pal Pass account allows you to drive through a dedicated Pal Pass lane at posted highway speed limits and have your toll automatically deducted from your pre-paid account. With a Pal Pass you never need to look for money or stop in the toll lanes. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free. Pal Pass members receive discounted toll rates at mainline toll plazas.

How does the Pal Pass work?
A Pal Pass must be mounted on your windshield to assure proper operation. Once mounted, the Pal Pass communicates by radio signal with our detection equipment. The toll is then deducted from your pre-paid Pal Pass account.

Are there different types of Pal Passes?
Yes. In addition to the hard case Pal Pass that has been in use since 2001, the Southern Connector is now distributing a new generation of Pal Pass called a "sticker tag". The sticker tags are thinner and have no self-contained battery. The sticker tags use the windshield glass to amplify the signal. Both types of tags must be mounted to your windshield to insure a tag will be read properly.

Can I use my Pal Pass on another vehicle?
No. Your Pal Pass may only be used in the vehicle it was assigned to. You may have an unlimited number of vehicles under one account but you cannot switch a Pal Pass between vehicles.

Where do I mount my Pal Pass sticker tag?
Your Pal Pass sticker tag must be mounted on the inside of your windshield. It should be located behind your rear view mirror at least four inches below the top of the windshield and at least one inch from any other electronic device such as garage door opener or radar detector. State law prohibits the transponder from being mounted in your line of vision. Please call us at 1-866-PALPASS if you have any questions regarding the proper way to mount your Pal Pass. Please note the Pal Pass must be affixed to the windshield. Do not leave the Pal Pass on the dashboard or affix it to the sun visor. Your windshield glass acts as an antenna. If you hold the Pal Pass in your hand IT WILL NOT WORK. You may be liable for fees up to $25.00 plus the proper toll per transaction if your Pass is improperly mounted.

Full Sticker Tag mounting instructions are available here - click to view

I use the Cross Island Parkway more than the Southern Connector. What should I do?
Motorists who plan on utilizing the Cross Island Parkway on Hilton Head Island more than they use the Southern Connector should open a Pal Pass account with the Cross Island Parkway. You may print a Cross Island Parkway application directly from their website, You can phone the Cross Island Parkway Toll Free at 1-888-725-8655. Out of state customers should call 843-342-6718. Pal Passes issued by the Cross Island Parkway may also be used on the Southern Connector.

I use the Cross Island Parkway in Hilton Head at least once a year. Is my Pal Pass valid there?
You MUST indicate on your application that you will use the Cross Island Parkway. If you do intend to use the Cross Island Parkway more than twice a year you MUST be issued a hard case Pal Pass transponder or pay a cash toll when in Hilton Head. Hard case transponders are for sale. Pal Pass sticker tags WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED on the Cross Island Parkway. Only a hard case Pal Pass transponder can be used at the Cross Island Parkway. You will be responsible for any Violation fees incurred if you have failed to inform us that you will be utilizing the Cross Island Parkway and thereby have failed to obtain a hard case Pal Pass.

What happens if I accidentally use the Cross island Parkway with my Pal Pass sticker tag?
The Southern Connector will make every effort to assist you with resolving your violation on the Cross Island Parkway. However, the Southern Connector makes no guarantees that the violation will be dismissed.

What happens when I sell my vehicle?
Remove your Pal Pass sticker tag from the vehicle being sold. Once the Pal Pass sticker tag is removed it will no longer work. Update the information for your new vehicle at or call 864-527-2143 (Toll free at 1-866-PAL-PASS).

Do I own my Pal Pass?
Yes. Your Pal Pass belongs to you. Since March, 2015 you are required to purchase each Pal Pass. Your account will be debited for the replacement cost of lost, stolen, damaged or altered Pal Pass.

Does the Palmetto Pass work in all toll lanes?
Yes. We strongly urge you to use the Pal Pass express lanes at our mainline toll plazas. However, should you find yourself in a lane other than the Pal Pass express lane, your Pal Pass will work. PLEASE NOTE that you must come to a complete stop in any lane other than the Pal Pass express lane. Pal Pass members using our ramp lanes must slow to 5 mph when passing through. This requirement makes the toll plazas safer for our customers and employees.

How do I close my Pal Pass account?
You must call the Customer Service Center at (864) 527-2143 or 2144 if you are closing your account. We will then deactivate your Pass and refund any balance remaining in your account. You cannot close your account online.

Is there a number I can call if I have any more questions?
Yes. The toll-free phone number is 1-866-PAL-PASS. The direct, local number to the Southern Connector Customer Service Center is 1-864-527-2143 or 2144. The direct number to our Violations Department is 864-527-2155.

Am I required to turn in my current hard case Palmetto Pass transponder? I’d like to continue to use it.
You may keep your current Pass until such time as the internal battery dies.

I currently have a hard case Pal Pass and have given you a security deposit. When I swap my hard case Pal Pass for a Pal Pass sticker tag, what happens to my deposit?
In 2016, we will eliminate all security deposits. Unless you request otherwise, we will apply that security deposit to your Pal Pass pre-paid toll account. All other refunds will be made by check only.

I am used to holding up my current hard case Pal Pass to my windshield. Why am I required to permanently mount a sticker tag?
The sticker tag has no battery, therefore the signal it produces is much weaker. The sticker tag uses the windshield glass to amplify the weaker signal so that the Pal Pass sticker tag can be read properly. The Pal Pass sticker tag cannot be held against your windshield glass for two reasons: it is unsafe; and moving the tag while in the process of it being read may corrupt the read and cause a violation to be generated. Also, as hard case tags age, the battery inside the unit weakens. Therefore, we require you to mount any type of Pal Pass to the windshield.

Are there any recurring fees or other costs for maintaining a Palmetto Pass Account?
No. There are no minimum use fees, membership fees, or any other hidden costs. Your account balance is debited ONLY when you use the road.

What is the speed limit in Pal Pass lanes?
At the mainline toll plazas, vehicles using the Pal Pass only lane must observe a 45 MPH speed limit. All vehicles using the cash lanes must stop, regardless of the method of payment. Pal Pass members using our remote ramp lanes should observe the 5 MPH speed limit.

What if I move?
Please go to our website to update your address and/or phone number.

I have a new credit card number. Can I update that information online?
Yes. You can update your account information, including credit card information, online. Please visit to do so. If you would prefer to update your information by phone, please call us at 1866PALPASS or 864-527-2150. We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover. Debit cards are also accepted.

Is it true I can save money on my tolls by being a Pal Pass member?
Yes! There is a discount, for Pal Pass members only. 2 Axle vehicles using either mainline toll plaza, and having a valid Pal Pass account, will pay only $1.50 instead of the $1.75 cash toll. Multi-axle vehicle tolls will also be discounted, provided you are a Pal Pass member in good standing. Multi-axle vehicles with a valid Pal Pass will pay only $1.00 per axle instead of the cash toll of $1.20 per axle. To become a Pal Pass member, call us at 1-866-PALPASS or apply online.

Can I access my account online? Can I print transaction detail statements?
Yes. You can manage your Pal Pass account by visiting our website at If your email address and four-digit security code is on file, you can access your account. You can also change any information, including credit card information, at this site. You can also view and print your activity (including all credits and debits to your account) in Excel or PDF format. Transaction information is available for up to 18 months.

Does the Southern Connector accept EZ-Pass transponders as a valid method of payment?
No. At this time we do not recognize EZ-Pass or any other agency’s transponders. The only exception is a valid Pal Pass that was issued by the Cross Island Parkway.


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