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Palmetto Pass FAQ's
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What is a Palmetto Pass (PalPass)?
PalPass is an electronic toll collection device (also known as a transponder, pass, or tag) that lets you pre-pay your tolls. A PalPass account allows you to drive through a dedicated PalPass lane at posted highway speed limits and have your toll automatically deducted from your pre-paid account. With a PalPass you never need to look for money or stop in the toll lanes. Itís easy, convenient and hassle-free. PalPass members receive discounted toll rates at mainline toll plazas.

How does the PalPass work?
The PalPass on your vehicle communicates electronically when activated by the lane antenna. The discounted toll is automatically deducted from your pre-paid PalPass account.

What is the speed limit in PalPass lanes?
At the mainline toll plazas, vehicles using the PalPass only lane must observe a 45 MPH speed limit. All vehicles using the cash lanes must stop, regardless of the method of payment. PalPass members using our remote ramp lanes should observe the 5 MPH speed limit.

Can I use my PalPass on another vehicle?
No. Your PalPass may only be used in the vehicle it was assigned to. A separate PalPass must be obtained for each vehicle using the Southern Connector. Under most circumstances, there is no additional charge for a second PalPass. You may have an unlimited number of vehicles under one account but each vehicle in the account must have its own PalPass.

Where do I mount my PalPass?
Your PalPass transponder should be mounted to the inside of your windshield. It should be at least one inch below the top of the windshield and is best positioned behind and to the right of your rear view mirror. State law prohibits the transponder from being in your line of vision. Please call us at 1-866-PALPASS if you have any questions regarding the proper way to mount your Pass. Please note the Pass must be affixed to the windshield. Do not leave the Pass on the dashboard, or affix it to the sun visor.

How do I install my PalPass?
With your PalPass you will receive self-adhesive, hook-and-loop mounting strips and easy to follow instructions for attaching the transponder to your windshield.

I need new mounting strips for my PalPass. What do I do?
Simply stop at any of our manned toll booths and ask the friendly collector for mounting strips. You may also email us at or call us toll free at 1866PALPASS or 864-527-2143 (local). Don't forget to inform us if you have changed vehicles, license plates or your mailing address.

Can I use my PalPass on other toll roads?
Yes. You can use your PalPass on the Cross Island Parkway in Hilton Head, SC. At this time, your PalPass is not valid in other states which have Toll facilities.

Does the Southern Connector accept EZ-Pass transponders as a valid method of payment?
No. At this time we do not recognize EZ-Pass transponders. EZ-Pass account holders must pay the cash toll or open a Palmetto Pass account. We apologize for this minor inconvenience.

I use the Cross Island Parkway a lot more than the Southern Connector. What should I do?
Although your Southern Connector PalPass will work on the Cross Island Parkway, we highly recommend that residents of the Hilton Head area open their accounts at the Cross Island Parkway. It is much more convenient for you from a customer service standpoint. You may print a Cross Island Parkway application directly from their website, You can phone the Cross Island Parkway Toll Free at 1-888-725-8655 (in state only). Out of state customers should call 843-342-6718.

What happens when I sell my vehicle?
Just call the Customer Service Center (1-866-PALPASS) and provide us with your new vehicle information. In a matter of minutes we will update your account and you may then transfer your PalPass to your new vehicle. Please donít forget to remove the PalPass before selling your vehicle. Losing the Pass will result in a charge of $40.00.

What if I move?
Please call Customer Service at 1-866-PALPASS or go to our website to update your address and/or phone number.

I have a new credit card number. Can I update that information online?
Yes. You may now update your account information, including credit card information, online. Please visit our Account Update Form at to do so. If you would prefer to update your information by phone, please call us at 1866PALPASS or 864-527-2143.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover. Debit cards are also accepted as a method of payment.

Is it true I can save money on my tolls by being a PalPass member?
Yes! There is a discount, for PalPass members only. 2 Axle vehicles using either mainline toll plaza, and having a valid PalPass account, will pay only $1.35 instead of the $1.50 cash toll. Multi-axle vehicle tolls will also be discounted, provided you are a PalPass member in good standing. Multi-axle vehicles with a valid PalPass will pay only $.85 per axle instead of the cash toll of $1.00 per axle. To become a PalPass member, call us at 1-866-PALPASS or apply online.

What is the difference between cash fares and PalPass member fares?
There is no discount for cash fares. Pal Pass members receive discounts at our mainline toll plazas.
Here is our mainline plaza toll schedule:

  • 2 Axle Vehicle:    Cash $1.50  -  PalPass $1.35
  • 3 Axle Vehicle:    Cash $3.00  -  PalPass $2.55 
  • 4 Axle Vehicle:    Cash $4.00  -  PalPass $3.40 
  • 5 Axle Vehicle:    Cash $5.00  -  PalPass $4.25  
  • 6+ Axle Vehicle:  Cash $6.00  -  PalPass $5.10

All vehicles using our ramps at Fork Shoals Road and Piedmont Highway (S.C. 20) pay $.75, regardless of the number of axles. There is no discount for PalPass members at our ramp pay points. PalPass members using ramp lanes should slow to 5mph and should NOT deposit cash.

Where can I get an application for PalPass?
You can pick up an application at any of our manned toll lanes. Another way to apply is to call our Customer Service Center at 1-866-PALPASS, (local 864-527-2143), or you may apply online at

Can I access my account online?
Yes. You can manage your PalPass account by visiting our website at If your email address and a four-digit security code is on file, you can access your account. You can also change any information, including credit card information at this site.

Do I own my PalPass?
No. When your account is closed for any reason, you must return the PalPass. Failure to do so will result in a $40 charge. This charge will also apply to lost, stolen, damaged or altered passes.

Does the Palmetto Pass work in all toll lanes?
Yes. We strongly urge you to use the PalPass express lanes at our mainline toll plazas. However, should you find yourself in a lane other that the PalPass express lane, your PalPass will work. PLEASE NOTE that you must come to a complete stop in any lane other than the PalPass express lane. PalPass members using our ramp lanes must slow to 5 mph when passing through. This requirement makes the toll plazas safer for our employees.

How do I close my PalPass account?
Return your PalPass(es) to us by registered mail. Our address is P.O. Box 408, Piedmont, SC 29673. Once we receive your Pass(es) you will be issued a full refund within two business days for the remaining balance in your account. Should you fail to return any or all of your PalPasses, you will be charged a fee of $40.00 for each unreturned PalPass.

Is there a toll free number I can call if I have any more questions?
Yes. The toll-free phone number is 1-866-PAL-PASS. The direct, local number to the Southern Connector Customer Service Center is 1-864-527-2143. The direct number to our Violations Department is 864-527-2155.


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