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GREENVILLE, SC - May 7, 2008 - The Board of Directors of Connector 2000 Association, Inc., invited select organizations to submit qualifications to prepare an investment grade traffic and revenue study. The “Study” will forecast traffic usage, revenues, and elasticities under a variety of scenarios over a minimum of a 50-year period and leverage the efforts of previous consultants’ work.
“The Connector 2000 Association, its consultants and the South Carolina Department of Transportation will use the information put forth in the Study in connection with the possible restructuring of its bond indebtedness and/or the possible transfer of a concession by the Association for the operation of the Southern Connector,” said Peter Femia executive vice president/general manager of the Connector 2000 Association
The deadline for proposals is May 21st and the Association expects to make a decision by June 5th, although the timetable is subject to change.
The 16-mile Southern Connector was opened in 2001, eight and a half months ahead of schedule and under budget. The road was built with private money through a unique public-private partnership. No tax money was used for construction of the road. The Southern Connector has been an important component of the growth and development taking place in Southern Greenville County, and it is providing an attractive alternate route to many motorists and truckers seeking to avoid congestion on Interstate Highways 85 and 385. The Connector has enjoyed strong traffic and revenue growth since its opening in 2001.

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